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Looking out for a Yoga teacher training?

First of all we like to thank you for your interest in becoming a yoga teacher. I assume that you are aware that there are different approaches. Do you want to buy another fitness certificate, we are definitely not the right place. We believe that teaching yoga is a decision adjusting your whole life style and to understand yoga as a holistic process by freeing ourselves on all levels of pattern.


After passing the programm and the examen you can register as Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.

You are listed on the online directory as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs®). The teacher registry is not a certification program but a listing of teachers whose training and teaching experience meet certain minimum standards. Yoga teachers that graduated from Registered Yoga Schools (RYSs®)

can receive varying levels of designation based on the amount of training and teaching experience they have.


Here is the link for your full information:


You can book for a full time course (4 weeks, 200 h)

plus accomodation, meals and transport.


OR a part time course (3-12 month, 200 h)

flexible according to your working time

starting nearly every month



100  h Yoga Therapy Training  1995,00 EURO

200 h Yoga Teacher Training   3000,00 EURO

500 h Yoga Teacher Training   6500,00 EURO

(includes 20% discount for cash payment in advance of the course)


Please apply here:

or send sms to +34 65 10 56 843








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