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The Program


All techniques  we offer lead you into a better state of health, emotion and clarity of mind. Results can be enormous and we can document miracles. Be sure to let your doctor know about your dramatically wellbeing increase, share it with us and others. Responsibility for everything you do in your life is yours only!


All classes are multi-level. As beginner or regulary practioner you can choose your intensity, sitting on a chair or lie down in horizontal position. When you are tired you decide to rest. All exercises of the program are carefully selected for their great ability and tested 'user friendly'. 


Do not let your excuse be you are to stiff, to slim, to fat, .... just start from where you are!

Click through the program or continue reading at the botton to have have more INSIGHT about SELF Acceptance ...

























You have been looking around nearly the whole globe, but until now you only find that all achievements have been giving you a temporary good feeling? Many turn out to be boring after a while or even like a boomerang come back to make you suffer? As soon you marry your dream partner, the new car, the next million, all the exitement and contentment fades. The mind goes to the next hunt for happiness.



But there must be a sense, purpose, meaning in life. And if I only would know, why I am feeling so incomplete and unhappy sometimes? Sooner or later the question pops up 'WHO AM I?'  



First of all we want to let you know. We CAN NOT answer this question, anybody can! 

No fortune teller, no scientist, no psychologist, not in 1000 years. We even recommend you NOT to listen, how people want to put you in a box! Your whole being cannot be described by concepts.



The second we want to let you know, you have already access to the answer.  

The answer is not so difficult to get. The answer is in YOU!  It sounds to good to be true?

So it means looking only in the outside was only one direction and I forgot to try to look inside?



YES; As recognised the key is introspection. Open yourself and learn to look inside

for contacting with your real self, going deeper, more awareness, witnessing what your body and mind is. This are the tools and techniques we studied and offer to you. Everybody can, every age, every situation, ....  



The second we let you know: Be assured all we teach is coming from very old scripts from people like you and us, who explored their inner being successfully and described the steps. We do not invent any new methods (okay, combination and some tricks sure). And often asked, we are not related to any religion, but we use the text of every tradition, dealing with the question, how to free ourselves. From prison to the presence of NOW. Enjoying every moment, accept changes and never close again for the flow of energy and peace.







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