prana pure is dedicated to help people to acess well-being tools  including Yoga, Meditation, Chi Kung, Tantra and Tao, Holistic Therapies and better food choices.


prana pure platform cooperates with people, who work in the field to attain a life in balance that is healthier, happier and fuller.


prana pure provides the students seeking a professional carrer as teacher with international acclaimed Yogateacher Program.


prana pure helps you to travel to the spiritual sources in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Thailand.


prana pure hosts periodic outreach classes and yoga benefits throughout the year to raise funds for various charities, to support life enriching experiences for a variety of groups or to lend support for a particular cause.  


If you or your organization would like to sponsor a class or group please contact us at pranapureGC@gmail.com with your request.


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