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is given to us as a great gift. We have been witnessing its enormous

efficiency in many cases, where people experienced 

healing after giving them self-up for many years.


That why also we named it Prana Yoga Miracle. The video on the right

shows a clip from TV India with Pragati, a twelve year old  girl, who could not

walk from birth until she learned the technique. She recovered completely.

The second half of the clip in English!


It is even wonderful for the beginner, who is only curious or just feels stressed.

It is an amazing journey into fuller potential, more happiness, enjoying every moment in your life.


And even the 'healthy, long time yogi' and high performancing sportlers can profit from the boost of life fore, called Prana or Shakti.


Give it a try, how much better you can feel!



Its effects on three levels:


1. Physiological benefits: Physical stamina improves. Balances metabolism rate. Respiration irregularity reduces. Blood flow increases. Heart-beat rate balances. Exercise tolerance improves. Physical relaxation improves. Balances High blood pressure. Reduces anxiety Decreases muscle tension. Allergies reduces. Arthritis pains reduces Pre-menstrual Syndrome relief. Painful menstrual relief. Post-Surgery healing improves. Immune power improves. Anti-viruses power increases Emotional distress reduces. Enhances energy levels. Strength and vigor increases. Obesity/Over weight balances. Reduction in tissue damages Higher skin resistance Drop in cholesterol levels. Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease. Improves lungs capacity Easier breathing. Decreases the faster aging process. Reduced feelings of pains. Slows chronic illness. Lesser sweetening. Headaches & Migraines reduces Brain functioning improves. Brain capacity improves. Medication reduces. Medical care reduces. Energy conservation increases Activeness increases Sportsman spirits increases Asthma attacks reduces and relief. Athletic Performance betters. Normalizes stress levels Endocrine System harmonizes Relaxes Nervous system GABA (GamaAminoButricAcid) production in Brain balances. Electrical activities in the Brain normalizes Infertility progression.


2. Psychological benefits: Self-Confidence increases. Increases serotonin level in Brain Mood and Behaviour improves. Phobias & Fears reduces. Thoughts process monitoring betters. Focus & concentration improves. Creativity Increases. Brain wave logic improves. learning ability improves. Memory power improves. Vitality and rejuvenation increases. Emotional stability improves. Relationships improve. conflict reduces Mind ages at slower rate Bad habits quitting easier. Intuitional ability may come. Productivity increases. Relationships harmonized. Better feelings at home & at work. Easier handling of situations. Petty issues become really petty. Complex problems solving capacity increase Character purification happens. Will power increases. Both lobes of Brain coordinates better. Better communication between both brain. Better handling of stressful situations. Improves motor performance. Intelligence growth rate improves. Job satisfaction increases. Contacts become intimate. Decrease in potential mental illness. Sociable behavior improves. Less aggressiveness. Helps in quitting smoking, Quit alcohol addiction become easier. Reduces dependency on pain killers. Reduces need for steroids. Removes insomnia. Balances the sleeping hours. Fall asleep quickly. Sense of responsibility increases. Reduces road rage. Restless thinking reduces. Tendency to worry reduces. Listening skills increases. Compassion increases. More accurate judgments may happen. Tolerance capacity increases. Consideration increases. Constructivism increases. Artistic approach comes. Balanced personality. develops Emotional maturity comes. Loneliness becomes love. Old bad impressions clears. Reduces jealousy. Reduces fear of darkness.


3. Spiritual Benefits: Wisdom grows. Awareness grows. Higher Experiences of Energy. Starts more clear Perspection Peace of mind increases Gateway to Bliss opens Transcendent Body Transcendent Mind Transcendent Emotions Transcendent Senses. Purpose in life become more clear. Increased compassion. Growing wisdom. Understanding of yourself and others. Harmony among body, mind, and spirit. Spiritual relaxation increases. Acceptance of one self improves. Learn forgiveness. Transformation of attitude toward life. Deeper relationship with Consciousness Greater inner-directedness. Living in the present. moment Understands true love. Discovery of Ultimate Powe.r Experiencing glimpses of consciousness. Experience beyond ego. Experience Knowingness. Experience a sense of Oneness. Gateway to The Enlightenmen.t Increases awakening.



More than 1200 years ago Adi Shankara Acharya started the divine teachings of Yoga and Vedanta. Unlike most Western schools of yoga which have severed ties with their liniage, we are fortunate to have a continuous transmission of knowledge from Sri Adi Shankara Acharya (CE 788 - 820) to present, under the guidance of our beloved Swami Paramanandgiriji and Guru Dr. Omanandji.

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Attending to Chid Shakti Prakriya helps to maintain a Yoga Therapy Hospital helping Indian children who cannot afford treatment. Once in the year we pass the money and check its appropriate use together with the Yoga Teacher Apirants

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Prana Yoga - Chid Shakti Prakriya

Consciousness Awakening Technique

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Ich bin ein Titel. Klicken Sie mich doppelt an.

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